(English) We are currently recruiting participants for a dry eye study

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Are your eyes dry, irritated or burning?

Do you sometimes find it hard to focus your eyes
when you have been reading or using the
computer for a long time?

You may be able to participate in a research study to evaluate
the safety and effectiveness of an investigational eye drop for
the signs and symptoms described above.


You may be eligible if:
√ 18 or older
√ In good health
√ You are willing to refrain from using eye drops during the dosing period
√ You are willing to refrain from using contact lenses during the dosing period
√ Meet other requirements to participate in the study


If you are interested in participating, please contact us @ 212.274.1900.  The clinical research studies are performed in our Manhattan office located @ 109 Lafayette Street, 4th Floor, NY NY 10013.